The rise of craft coffee and a tasting tour

We've got a serious love affair for coffee here in the UK.

The industry generated a turnover of £5.8billion in 2013 and with craft coffee shops like Bottega Milanese in Leeds, and Kaffeine and Brick Lane Coffee in London fuelling our love, we just can't get enough. Although I don't advocate overdoing it on the caffeine, I do love a cup of Joe every now and then.

This week I received a lovely delivery from new online craft coffee roaster, Hope & Glory Coffee Co. The specialists there blend and batch roast your coffee and send it to your doorstep.

I was also lucky enough to go for a nosey around Hope & Glory's roastery in North Lincolnshire.

On arrival the smell is incredible, a bit like that evocative freshly baked bread smell which you stays with you hours after you've been to the bakery. I feel like Charlie in the proverbial chocolate factory.

As you can see I also become visually obsessed by the beautiful sacks and barrels of coffee beans from around the world...

Hawaii coffee beans

Jamaica Blue Mountain beans - some of the most expensive coffee in the world and the only one that arrives in barrels

Glamorous coffee factory outfit!
Hope & Glory use this beautiful Italian 'little red roaster' to produce their batch roasted artisan blends of Blenheim Espresso and single origin beans. You can now buy these in either bean or ground form (they explain why we shouldn't be sniffy about ground coffee here).

I try the Blenheim Espresso and it's fabulous, sweet like butterscotch with a lovely smooth chocolate flavour.

The Hope & Glory Coffee Co. 'little red roaster'
I'm also treated to a tasting experience - using Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world to blend some amazing coffees.
Tasting table at Hope & Glory HQ
Much sipping and slurping later, I emerge from the caffeine buzz to the big wide world.

I do have to be careful of how much caffeine I drink and I try to have a day a week away from coffee, but if I'm going to drink it, it has to be good!

How do you enjoy yours?


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