Hally's and Little H, King's Road, London

When you go gluten free you have to give up the joys of the freshly baked croissant, the satisfying crunch of just popped toast and the simplicity of a buttered French baguette.

As soon as you step out of your own kitchen it's not easy to find a healthy breakfast is it?

This means I love it when I stumble across a prime brunch spot. Which is what Hally's on the Parsons Green end of King's Road in London is.

They do:
  • Fresh juices, tick. 
  • Eggs as you like them, tick.
  • Gluten free cakes, tick.
  • Smashed avocado, tick.
  • Excellent flat whites, tick.
This 'Californian inspired' place is freshly decorated with whites and a happy pop of yellow. Filled with beautiful people of a morning (my husband decides that any single man in there is on the hunt for pretty females; very basic but perhaps true).

I've found that anything Californian or Australian themed pretty much always caters for gluten and dairy free and low sugar lifestyles, making life just a little bit better for those of us on the hunt for a good brunch!

Have a look at Hally's here. There's Little H opposite too which does all the juicing. 

Happy brunching!

Where are your favourite brunch spots? 


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