7 ways to boost your digestion and energy levels

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Hey, I don't know about you but I want some of what she's having. Hands up who struggles with bloating, feeling full all the time or even worse, bad breath? Did you know that these can all be signs of poor digestion?

You may have guessed that it's a topic I just can't get enough of and guess what? Every time I learn something new I'm duty bound to share it with you!

So here are my top tips to follow to help you boost your digestion and your energy:

1. When you wake up, don't eat straight away - instead reach for a warm water with lemon and perhaps a green juice. This gives your liver less work to do first thing and more time to detox from the day before. Leave a good half hour before you eat and you'll be feeling much better already.

2. If you eat a lot of dry food (I used to live on crackers, bread, oatcakes, cereals, nuts), your body has to add water to them to digest them properly. If you eat foods with lots of moisture in already - soups, stews, salads - you give your body more help. If you struggle with bad digestion try broths (especially bone broth), soups, stews and risottos.

3. Eat more green things. While cooked foods can help a severely compromised digestion, green smoothies, salads and veggies all have bitter qualities that help your liver to process your food. Just make sure you also eat enough fibre if you're juicing.

4. Try to eat fruit an hour apart from other things in your diet. Fruit and sugary foods are processed more quickly than protein and fat, so fruit before a meal will suit your digestion better than afterwards. According to Chinese medicine they have a 'descending' quality - so eating an apple after your meal (leaving an hour's gap), should help your liver and digestive system cope with the daily onslaught.

5. Exercise has to make this list! In our stressful lives it's important to get out of breath every now and then. Even yoga helps digestion because when your body feels relaxed it can start working again on the basics of processing your food intake.

6. Eat more fibre rich foods. If you're gluten free try chia seeds, gluten free oats, flax or adding psyllium husks to breads or smoothies to up your fibre content. Fibre attracts water and helps everything flow smoothly!

7. Leave three hours between eating your last meal and going to bed. This has revolutionised my sleep; whenever I do this I wake up refreshed. Your liver does it's thing at night so give it plenty of space to do its job. This gives your body a well earned rest and time to reset the digestion process ready for the day ahead.

What are your tips on good digestion? Let me know!

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