5 ways to bake without gluten and a free ebook

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Moroccan Orange Cake made with ground almonds
The BBC's Great British Bake off final had over 12 million viewers last year. Make no mistake, baking is big news.

So for the gluten challenged, avoiders, doubters and downright difficult among us, how do we get the same thrill that Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mel and Sue and the contestants are delivering into our living rooms of a Tuesday evening?

To make sure you don't miss out on all the fun just because gluten isn't your bag, here are five top tips to bake awesome desserts without it:

1. Use nuts instead of wheat flour. Almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts are all used across Europe and the Middle East for cakes and pastries, while Coconut desserts and flours are used across Asia too. you can buy ground almonds easily and any specialility flours like coconut you can find in health food stores like Holland & Barratt or online.

2. Try gluten free flour. Dove's Farm online has a good selection, including plain and self raising flours which are great for cakes and stronger brown and white bread flours.

3. Gluten free flours can need more liquid than normal flours. Go with your instinct when it comes to the batter mix but some will need extra water / eggs when you're making them. Trial and error is a good thing but if you want foolproof recipes try some of the links below!

4. You might (will) need more raising agent with nut flours. Although using eggs can raise a cake too, you'll probably need to add baking powder to your mixture. Again, have a look at the recipes below and you'll see.

5. Not using gluten can make your cake more nutrient rich. Refined white flours are all very well but if you want your cakes to be healthier, using nuts will add magnesium, while carrot, beetroot, parsnip and apple can all work really well to add flavour, moistness and extra nutrients. Bonus!

P.S. You can get a free Better Bakes ebook including exclusive tips on dairy and gluten free baking and desserts by subscribing to the blog on the right hand side!

P.P.S. feast your eyes on these foolproof gluten free bakes...
Maple and oat scones
Beetroot chocolate cake
Pistachio and rose cake
Little Sicilian almond pastries
Moroccan orange cake


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