NYC #1: Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO & North Williamsburg

It's been non stop foodie / life / love inspiration since we touched town in New York City last week. To say this is a food capital is completely underestimating its gastronomic draw. New York is home to over 200 nationalities and that equals food heaven!

Firstly, let's talk about Brooklyn shall we. We started out by meeting a friend at the beautiful Glasserie  restaurant just across the river from Manhattan. Built in a converted glass factory, its menu was a stunner; everything seasonal and an Israeli chef who knows a thing or two about subtle flavours and punchy ingredients. As our New Yorker friend remarked, the place was 'filled with bearded hipsters', which we took as solid reassurance that this was the place to be.

We then found ourselves at the 'Smorgasburg' Brooklyn food flea market, a gathering of pop up restaurants and food entrepreneurs selling their delicious wares. Even though there were tacos, butternut soup, lobster, sweet potato fries and asian desserts on offer, the longest queue (where you see the dog above) was for the donuts! Travesty I know.

However I couldn't afford to get too smug as our next stop was Oddfellows Ice Cream, an artisan ice cream maker just a ferry ride away in North Williamsburg.

When I say the best ice cream, oh how I mean it.

My choice was a salted caramel confection with 'wet nuts' (more delicious than they sound, a mixture of chopped walnut and butterscotch). My friend had a scoop of the extra virgin olive oil, just as delicious, while my other half, who is - by his own admission - a vanilla ice cream aficionado, agreed that this was, in fact, the best he'd ever had.

Here's the view looking back over Manhattan from Smorgasberg at Brooklyn Bridge Park: A real treat!

Some other amazing places we saw along the way:

Mast Brothers. I recognised this artisan chocolatier from mynameisyeh's post - you can take a tour and taste along the way, it's well worth it. Plus the packaging is as gorgeous as the chocolate.

Depanneur. A lovely foodie deli with lots of gorgeous Brooklyn hand made food, drink and gifty things.

Bedford Cheese Shop. Think you know about cheese? This place is filled to bursting with the stuff. Best things are the amusing descriptions which the team conspire and muse over to see whose are most comedic. The shop also stocks raw goat and sheep cheeses for the health conscious among you.

Wholefoods. There are a lot of Wholefood stores around NYC, I kept seeing raw sauerkraut and carrot and ginger pickles - filled with lacto fermented veg which is good for your gut!

Watch out for installment #2 soon, all about Manhattan!

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