Turmeric omelette and things I like this week

Egg is one of those ingredients that is on my list of intolerances (dammit). However I find that as long as I don’t overdo the oeufs, occasionally I can tolerate them. A recipe that shows them right off in their freshest state is just the ticket, just like this turmeric omelette.

Turmeric is that beautiful yellow spice used in curries. It’s incredibly bitter, but adding it to a sweet egg omelette gives a rusty caramel colour and a subtle, spicy flavour. This is a wonderful way to get the benefits of curcumen too, thought to be an anti inflammatory contained in turmeric. See more about that here. Oh and while I remember, the black pepper you crunch over the top should make it more active.

On a creative note, I’ve been waiting to use this deep blue denim fabric as a background to a yellow dish and this was the ideal opportunity.
I’m sure you all have your own way to go with an omelette, this one always works for me.

3 very fresh eggs (in fact I cycled to the farm down the road to get these (smug).
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
Good pinch sea salt
Very good grinding of black pepper

1.     Either use a heavy cast iron frying pan or a non stick one (I prefer the cast iron one as it gets searing hot and perfect for making the egg and butter sugars turn crispy). Whisk the eggs, turmeric and salt in a bowl and meanwhile fry the butter until sizzling. As soon as it does, coat the bottom of the pan all over with the butter, then immediately add your egg mixture.
2.     When the egg starts to cook on the bottom, move some of the omelette mixture to the centre and let the uncooked egg coat the bottom of the pan again. Before the egg is completely cooked, remove from the heat, flip over and set on a serving plate. The residual heat from the bottom will cook the omelette mixture through, though it all depends if you like your egg runny in the middle or not!

Other inspiring things spotted this week...
What Katie Ate’s British dinner party – love the pics here (scroll down).
My name is yeh’s pony cake – how cute is this? I’m sure we can make a gluten free version.
Farmette’s Airdale Terrier in a field with a vintage sideboard – love.

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