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 Green Kitchen Stories Baked Saffron Falafel
Green Kitchen Stories Saffron Baked Falafel
I thought it would be good to share some of the most useful blogs and posts I’ve found that are helping me to restore my health. Some of these cover food, while some are brilliant for learning the how’s and why’s of getting sick. They’ve certainly opened up a whole new world of learning for me, I hope you enjoy them too.

1) My New Roots, Copenhagen, Denmark
Sarah B who writes My New Roots is a girl after my own heart. She studied holistic nutrition in Canada before moving to Copenhagen, where she now cooks as her job. Top marks here for beautiful recipes and styling. Just look at this raw cashew dreamcake. Dairy free and yes please!

2) Underground Wellness, California, USA
Ok this is my number one go to site for all things wellness. It’s got sooo much info for us on all sorts of health conditions, plus the radio podcasts with experts and host Sean Croxton are a great way to learn.

3) Sarah Wilson, Sydney, Australia
Sarah’s blog promises to make life sweeter. That’s without sugar too! I found this early on in my wellbeing journey and it’s a godsend for anyone with digestive, thyroid or general health issues.

4) Deliciouslyella, London, UK
If you live in the UK and haven’t yet read or seen deliciouslyella’s story you must have been asleep! She’s a twentysomething London girl on a mission to eat her way to health and give us beautiful recipes and inspiration along the way.
5) Kris Karr, New York, US
I was unaware of the phenomenon that is Crazy Sexy Diet til Deliciouslyella above recommended it. Anyone who’s struggling with motivation to change your lifestyle should definitely read this book. It focusses a lot on juicing, eating alkaline and generally getting your life in order!

6) Green Kitchen Stories, Stockholm, Sweden
Another stunning recipe led blog at Green Kitchen Stories – never has vegetarian food looked so good. Yum.
7) Autoimmune Paleo, Pacific Northwest, US
Mickey Trescott blogs on how to introduce a Paleo (and specifically an autoimmune paleo) diet for maximum healing effect on your body. Anyone suffering from an autoimmune disease like hashimotos, rheumatoid arthritis or MS should definitely check out her site.

8) The Holistic Ingredient, Tasmania, Australia
After getting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Australian Amy regularly posts on how to heal, what to eat, how to live and look after yourself. Love THI's educational instagram posts too.  

9) The Whole Journey, San Diego, California, US
Crista Orecchio has a brilliant way of making things easy to understand when it comes to nutrition and diet. If you want to know about supplements, and general advice on looking after yourself, the site is packed full of useful videos and articles on nutrition and living well. This post is a goodie for managing blood sugar.

10) The Clean Program, Uraguay via New York
A trained cardiologist, Dr Alexander Junger healed himself by detox and his book Clean is a given if you’re interested in learning more about cleansing. The accompanying blog is a really useful way to motivate yourself through the programme too.

Where do you go for your wellbeing inspiration? I’d love to know!

Mary x


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