3 reasons why I'm changing the blog name

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I've been mulling over this for what seems like an age.

What I've learnt about restoring health with amazing food is no longer about being 'fussy'. So the time has come to create somewhere that I can share all that goodness with you. There have been oodles of fabulous suggestions on what to rename the blog. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made them. You are a creative (if a little crazy) bunch. In the end though, one kept shining through above all others...

What do you think?! I love it and hope you do too. As far as the name goes, here are my three great reasons why The Restored Kitchen has won through:

1) I wanted to share recipes with you that I’ve learnt along my journey to health and vitality. I’m still on the way there but things are so much brighter now and it’s a huge thanks to the types of food, superfoods, supplements and alternative therapies that have become a restorative and essential part of life. That said I still plan on making and showing you beautiful food that nourishes the soul, so you will still see some treats on here (they may just be gluten or dairy free too :-)).

2) Secondly, the farm kitchen where I make all these delicious dishes has, quite literally, been restored. When we first moved in it was filled with an old dresser from the 1800s, an original stove and run-down wooden cupboards. We immediately fell in love with its character, so for two years we lived with just a sink and a kitchen table as didn't want to ruin it by installing anything factory made. I’m pleased to write that we managed to keep the dresser and restored everything else around the original features. We did change the vivid pea green paint to a more calming colour though. It’s now my favourite room in the house (of course).

3) More news. In my quest for personal restoration, I'm studying to become a Nutrition Adviser! If I stay on track I'll be qualified by Summer next year. Learning about restoring my own health through food and lifestyle, I can't wait to help others too. Exciting!

So there we go, I feel like the name now suits what this blog is all about. Hope you love it too.

Oh and just so you know, I'm hoping to make some design and web address changes in the next week or so, to incorporate the new snazzy logo on the site. Hope it doesn't cause too many problems (fingers crossed!)

Social media wise, you'll now find me here on twitter and here on instagram, while facebook should also help you find me here.

Basically search for @restoredkitchen and you should find me there. Do follow me and I'll keep you posted with more nourishing food and photography from the farm :-)


  1. Really like the new name, and its positive slant on health as you say! Continuing to follow your journey - keep at it! Ceri x

  2. thanks for your support Ceri, it is such a journey - and fun too! Hope all's well with you at Natural Kitchen Adventures x


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