Saving the world with a bionic burger?

News this week of the world’s first stem celled burger appalled me at first. Then I got to thinking.

On a global scale, our population is growing faster than we can keep up meat production for.

Countries like China, as they becomes richer, want more meat. This means we need more cereal crops like wheat grown to feed chickens, pigs and cattle for human consumption.

More wheat means more land taken up, meanwhile more animal production means more greenhouse gases.

Something has to give. Either we find better ways of producing cereal crops that don't deplete the land (cue GM debate), or we all need to eat less meat, which according to the experts, just isn't going to happen.

At the moment though - and entirely selfishly - I'm most interested in the health implications of too much meat, wheat and dairy.

So as I conduct a highly edited edition of my weekly shop, which now includes as much local, seasonal and (sorry dad) organic produce as possible, I find myself wondering what a bionic burger tastes like anyway?

If we ever get to one that tastes as good as the real thing, it may not be such a bad thing if we really want to save the world.

What do you think? Appalled by a stem cell burger or intrigued?


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