It's a small world - especially for bloggers

For me conferences conjure up images of grey suits, coma inducing speakers and car crash food. 
I personally prefer to be hunched over my desk, squinting at the screen and cleaning crumbs from the keyboard.

So when I hear about Food Blogger Connect in London - a networking conference for bloggers - I'm sceptical.

The event takes place in the stunning Battersea Arts Centre, London and is organised by Bethany Kehdy (she has her own cookbook don’t you know - The Jewelled Kitchen, launched this week).

Image thanks to Ren Behan

Happily everyone I meet on the day is into the same thing ('into' meaning no one looks at you weirdly when you say ‘gluten free’, ‘farm to plate’ or other such foodie nonsense). 

I quickly realise that my York to London journey effort pales into insignificance as I meet other bloggers from New York, Germany via Texas, Rome, Paris and Dubai. I also meet home grown food writers and afficionados +Ren Behan and +Fiona Beckett

About 60 bloggers in total are seated around the room, which is old and dilapidated, in stark contrast to the forward thinking, entrepreneurial men and women who have congregated here.

The schedule includes writing and social media tips from bloggers who’ve created huge communities of followers like Eat Like a GirlDavid Lebovitz and Emma Gardner from Poires au Chocolat. Take a look at their sites and you’ll see what I mean.

As well as inspirational speakers talking prose, photos and potatoes (yes really @dailyspud), there is amazing street food from Dorshi, Bev's cookies (gluten free red velvet and white chocolate for me) and Gran Luchito (the honey and chilli paste is a sticky sweet joy) to name a few.

So Food Blogger Connect, thank you for organising a conference with class. Not a suit in sight.


  1. Hi, I am a new blogger, so it is good to hear that there are lots of other people out there doing what I hope to be in time!

    Glad that you had a great time.


    1. Thanks Amy, welcome to the blogging community, you'll learn a lot from the journey, the best thing is meeting likeminded people interested in the same thing as you. Happy blogging :)

  2. So glad to meet you Mary - sans suit in the sunshine!

  3. You too Sally, your blog is fabulous and I'm hoping to visit the Middle East to sample some fabulous food soon x

  4. hi Mary, lovely blog and I think we briefly said hi but what a hectic schedule it was. love the write up.

    1. Thanks Nazima, yes we did meet, so hectic but great fun! Happy blogging :)

  5. Lovely to meet a fellow Yorkie Mary and let's keep in touch! A fabulous write up about FBC5 too......Karen

  6. Thanks Karen, yes I'll be in touch soon about a Yorkshire meet up :)

  7. Hi Mary
    So sad I didn't get the opportunity to meet you at FBC - maybe next year. Great that we have similar stances on nutrition!

  8. You too Ceri, would love you to do a guest post soon so will be in touch!


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