Food intolerances and my favourite things

I'm intolerant of many things: spitting, inconsiderate drivers, bad manners. But I never dreamt I would be intolerant of some of my favourite foods.

For the last year or so I've been suffering from migraines, which when they strike leave me incapacitated. I've tried every trick in the book: triptans, acupuncture, massage, Ayurveda, yoga. And all roads seem to lead back to food and nutrition.

A naturopath has advised me to cut out the top three foods which I have an intolerance to (I did a York test a while back) - these are: cow’s milk, eggs and gluten. Apparently I also have an immune system response to yeast, tea and turkey (I know, tea and turkey?).

Surely then, I should be feeling better, safe in my elimination diet knowledge that if I don't eat any of the above, I'll feel instantly healthy again? Not quite. Not yet anyway. It’s all about responsibility you see; I have to take responsibility for my health. I exercise a lot. I do yoga, I walk. I also love to eat (what food blogger doesn’t?), so the thought of cutting out certain foods completely has me in a slight panic.

However for the sake of my health and to avoid, or even minimise, the pain of migraine, I’m giving it a go.

I’m now on day six of a gluten and dairy free diet, with a daily green juice and some extra Omega 3 and 6 thrown in too.

So how do I feel? Honestly? I’m feeling good.

My skin feels baby soft and my energy levels have rocketed. I’ve even returned home from work this week with the ability to speak coherently to my husband (instead of having to lie down exhausted in a heap).

Julie Andrews sings her Favourite Things
Whether it will help with the migraines remains to be seen. I’ll let you know, but so far so good.
Domestic bliss
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