Fruit traders at the Mercado Central, Buenos Aires

I'm sorry it's taken me an age to get it together enough to add these onto the blog. It's been a busy time of late...

Continuing my early start at Buenos Aires' main wholesale market, the 'Mercado Central', we reach the fruit and vegetable traders. This lady was such a star and was the only one of her crew to be up for a photo, which she loved.

I loved this guy too. He was making fresh dough for all manner of pizza, sweet pastries and early morning 'media lunas'; they're a bit like mini croissants but some are made with butter, some with fat and then covered in syrup. Not gluten free, not good for the diet but necessary at 5am.
It wouldn't be Latin America if you didn't feel close to Jesus...
What amazed me most was that just about every item of produce - from the tropical fruit to the Patagonian fish, was sourced in Argentina. This is hard for an import loving Brit to get her head around isn't it? What a wonderful thing to be able to rely solely on home grown goods.

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  1. Just fantastic... The photos are so, so beautiful! Elias, the girls and I just had a sit down to read all the Argentina posts and look at the photos. So nice!! I would love to blow some of them up and frame for the kitchen (I'll send you an email.) And the Jesus truck is the best, I remember that so well!


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