Fish at the Mercado Central, Buenos Aires

I have to admit, I love Argentina. I know I should see Asia and that India is a must, but travelling to the home of Evita never fails to inspire.

However when I ask the hotel manager and chef if I can accompany them on their trip to the wholesale market, they look at me in disbelief.
"What, you mean you're prepared to get up at 4am to come with us?" Chef says. "Yes please" say I, keen as mustard and equipped with a new camera that I want to put to the test. "Okay then, why not."

We set off in pitch darkness, armed with coffee (not local favourite mate because we'd run out) and a big shopping list.
First stop is the fish market. The freshest kind is brought from all over Argentina's shores, including trucks from Antartic Patagonia.

Wandering sheepishly into the bear pit of action that is the Buenos Aires central market at 5am, I feel totally out of place with a touristy camera, pale skin and blue eyes. 

Not that the character above is aware of my concern. 
However, a big smile and some local pleasantries go a long way to ensuring I get some good snaps. 
This character was a star, so natural and happy. Amazing at his job too.
It was such an experience and worth the early start.

I'll post about the fruit and veg market (and the characters there) soon.

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  1. Love, love, love! What a great morning that was. Our trips to the market are not as fun without you!


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