The migraine diet

Bota Silvia Emilia from We Heart It

Your head's banging and there's no loud music. You feel sick as a dog but you have no hangover. You're climbing the walls with pain and you just have to sit it out.

This isn't really a diet; it's more some tips on how to manage the big M. Or at least this is how I'm doing it. I hope it can help you or a friend in need too.

1. Forget alcohol. I know you non sufferers out there think migraine = hangover. In fact, I used to think the same - until in a twist of karma I started with the M word. It's not easy, but everyone I speak to who suffers migraines has a problem with alcohol. Even a couple of sips of the wrong wine can send you over the edge.

2. Look after yourself. That means regular routine, sleep, rest, eating, exercise, not too much stress.

3. Love your liver. Your liver's the place that processes all the toxins you put in, and the more toxins, the more chance of a migraine. So whether it's milk thistle, not overeating, getting plenty of sleep or plenty of exercise, your liver will benefit. Don't know why, that's just how it is in my experience. Plus that's the reason behind number 1. 

4. Watch out for processed meats. Yes I know the thought of giving up that bacon sarnie or your favourite Parma ham fills you with dread. But did you read the labels lately?

5. Drink a lot of water. It's basic, but keeping hydrated will help your system keep clean and your head migraine free, or at least, reduced. Eight glasses a day, more if you're exercising a lot.

6. Good guts. You need your gut to be regularly getting rid of any toxins, not reabsorbing them. Make sure you stay regular. Nice.

7. Try acupuncture, or massage or sauna, and make them a regular thing. Don't expect them to work if you only do one twice then quit.

8. The four C's. My doc tells me he doesn't believe in the whole caffeine, citrus fruits, cheese and chocolate trigger thing. However you have to listen to your body, so if you get a migraine after any of these things, you'll need to give them up, or at least reduce them.

9. Get a good doctor. It took me years to be referred to a neurologist who straight away tried me on a new triptan, Relpax, which takes away the pain (not the sickness or drowsiness) within 20 minutes.

10.Know your triggers.
Whether it's alcohol, caffeine, stress, hormonal changes or a combination of these, know what triggers your migraines and manage your time according to what your body is telling you.

Wishing you the best of luck and do go to for more on the subject.


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