RIP Big Ed

Meet Rooster. Or Big Ed as he was lovingly known.
Big Ed had an interesting life you see. He was rescued from his first home and away from its resident 10 year old Elmer Fudd fanatic. 
Rehoused, he roamed regally with a new hen harem. Under Big Ed's care, these previously unproductive pullets found their mojo again and started to lay. Big Ed and his brood of Buff Orpingtons scratched their way happily through life for many months together.
Sadly, last week whilst strutting out with his chicks, he met the jaws of a not so fantastic Mr Fox. 
Slyly snatched in broad daylight. Ed was left alone, dead and decapitated having fought for his life. His hens survived because of his bravery.

I know you'll agree, it was a sad end for our fearless feathered friend. Big Ed, to quote a neighbour, you really were ‘one magnificent cock’.  


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