Filming day has arrived

When you wake up in a morning and realise you have a film crew coming to visit, the strangest of thoughts flash through your mind. Is the kitchen clean? Will I overdo the make up? Am I wearing bright enough colours? What would Nigella do?

As I hastily tidy up dog hair and dirty dinner dishes in a bid to obscure them from the camera's unforgiving glare, the spontaneity of cooking in my home kitchen - a place that has become my sanctuary - is simmered away faster than you can say ready steady cook.

Once the room is primped and preened to within an inch of its life, I am left with a sinking feeling of pure, unadulterated fear.

You see we had the idea, my fabulous sister in law and I, that there aren't enough country cooking programmes out there. So in good faith I set up the kitchen to film that most 'country' of recipes, the Thai green curry.

Quite why I choose this I'm not sure. It's not British and it doesn't include killing anything. However I love cooking it plus I can offer insider tips on marinating the meat and making perfect rice.

Camera and lighting at the ready, it soon becomes obvious who's in charge here; she can, and does, organise the most raucous of crowds, so this is small fry in comparison.

Lights, camera, action.

Once I've chopped, stirred, cooked and commentated for two hours, it's a wrap. Watch this space for the results and the recipe.

I just hope there's not a dog hair in sight.


  1. Exciting! When can I see you? Karen

  2. Very exciting and slightly nerve wracking! Depends on editing so it should be within the next month, will keep you posted


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