Stunning steak

For those times when you're seriously hungry, maybe a little bit tired and in need of an iron-laden pick me up, nothing cuts it quite like a brilliant piece of beef. Here are my top tips for cooking the perfect steak:

1) For the tastiest treat it has to be rib eye. Not one for the low fat brigade but that beautiful marbling of fat and meat leads to the best taste.

2) Next, a heavy bottomed frying pan. Mine is a cast iron one that you can hardly lift but it keeps the heat in just so.

3) Salt, pepper and garlic make the best rub for the meat. Try to leave for at least ten minutes to fester if you can. The salt starts to draw some of the moisture out of the meat which in turn leads to a crisp outer shell. Think texture.

4) Make sure the meat is at room temperature before you cook it.

5) Add a couple of tablespoons of oil (groundnut is good, as is sunflower) and a good knob of butter in the pan.

6) Heat up the pan on a medium to high hob until the butter starts to go slightly nutty brown (a la noisette) as the French would say. Add in your steak/s and fry until you start to see them turning brown up to about a quarter of the way up. Turn them over and they should be deliciously dark and slightly crispy on one side.

7) Fry for just a little while longer depending on how you like them.

8) Take the steak out of the pan and now very importantly, leave it to rest for a couple of minutes before you eat it. This should ensure you have a stunning steak on your fork.


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