It's all about the peas. Dope.

It's pea harvest! I know this because I've just seen three pea viners (the green pea equivalent of a combine harvester) scooping them up just a few miles down the road.

The farmers say it's not a good year for the little greenies. Apparently the drought and the wet weather mean they ripen too quickly and the viners can't keep up, so a lot of peas that would have made it to our freezers end up being 'bypassed' and going towards the dried varieties.

Bad harvest aside, in my view this is the time of year when we should be having parties to celebrate a classic English summer vegetable. Just as the Swedish do for crayfish.

Peas have everything going for them if you don't like wasting your veg. They get harvested and frozen within just two hours, which means even in the depths of winter you can achieve that sweet summer flavour from the freezer.

My favourite things to do with them? Prawn and pea risotto, pea and mint purée, petit pois a la francaise, pea and ham soup. Add them last minute to curries and they perfectly compliment a good old fashioned pie. Easy peasy.


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