Feed me seymour, stuffed courgette flowers

In summer we're spoilt for choice with burgeoning vegetable patches and farmers markets. So imagine my joy when a neigbour offered me free reign of their lovingly tended vegetable plot.

These baby courgettes are just coming into their own and their vivid orange flowers make for a perfect parcel in which to put a stuffing.

Sometimes you just can't quite believe how good food can be. It doesn't have to be difficult to make either, it just needs to be fresh. I'd challenge anyone who says they don't like courgettes to try them at their summertime best and not love their delectable sweet crunch.

There are no rules here, but I tried a sun blush tomato and parmesan parcel, drizzled with a little olive oil, some thyme flowers and salt and pepper and baked in a hot oven for just 15 minutes.

This one is served on a salad of pea shoots, beetroot leaves (also from the veg patch), rocket and a simple lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressing with some chopped sun blush tomato and sliced spring onion.

If you can find them or beg from a veg loving neighbour (who'll soon be trying to get rid of courgettes as they're so prolific), they're well worth a try.


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