Chimichurri dairy free steak sauce

If you've ever tried this sweet, salty, hot, herby sauce, which originally hails from Argentina, like me you'll be its friend for life.

If you're dairy free you'll enjoy this one even more. It's a much tastier and healthier option than the run of the mill bearnaises or creamy peppercorn sauces so often served with a steak in Europe.

An Argentine friend assures me that the name came from the Brits when we'd been captured after invading the river Plate. Apparently it was after we'd been in India and the soldiers demanded 'give me curry', which got changed to 'chimichurri'. However I think the better explanation is that Basque settlers, who are big fans of pimenton pepper, one of the extras in a good chimichurri, took it over to South America from the Basque country. Their translation 'tximitxurri' means 'a mixture of several things in no particular order', which makes far more sense, as no matter in which order you add the ingredients of chimichurri, it always tastes sublime.

Chimichurri's basic ingredients are parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil and red or white wine vinegar. And don't forget lots of salt, because in Argentina meat and fish are nothing without it.

Extra ingredients you can use in the mix are chilli, thyme, paprika (pimenton), lemon and coriander. It should be the texture of an Asian dipping sauce and you can serve it with steak, grilled chicken and fish.


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