Sunday, 30 November 2014

NYC #1: Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO & North Williamsburg

It's been non stop foodie / life / love inspiration since we touched town in New York City last week. To say this is a food capital is completely underestimating its gastronomic draw. New York is home to over 200 nationalities and that equals food heaven!

Firstly, let's talk about Brooklyn shall we. We started out by meeting a friend at the beautiful Glasserie  restaurant just across the river from Manhattan. Built in a converted glass factory, its menu was a stunner; everything seasonal and an Israeli chef who knows a thing or two about subtle flavours and punchy ingredients. As our New Yorker friend remarked, the place was 'filled with bearded hipsters', which we took as solid reassurance that this was the place to be.

We then found ourselves at the 'Smorgasburg' Brooklyn food flea market, a gathering of pop up restaurants and food entrepreneurs selling their delicious wares. Even though there were tacos, butternut soup, lobster, sweet potato fries and asian desserts on offer, the longest queue (where you see the dog above) was for the donuts! Travesty I know.

However I couldn't afford to get too smug as our next stop was Oddfellows Ice Cream, an artisan ice cream maker just a ferry ride away in North Williamsburg.

When I say the best ice cream, oh how I mean it.

My choice was a salted caramel confection with 'wet nuts' (more delicious than they sound, a mixture of chopped walnut and butterscotch). My friend had a scoop of the extra virgin olive oil, just as delicious, while my other half, who is - by his own admission - a vanilla ice cream aficionado, agreed that this was, in fact, the best he'd ever had.

Here's the view looking back over Manhattan from Smorgasberg at Brooklyn Bridge Park: A real treat!

Some other amazing places we saw along the way:

Mast Brothers. I recognised this artisan chocolatier from mynameisyeh's post - you can take a tour and taste along the way, it's well worth it. Plus the packaging is as gorgeous as the chocolate.

Depanneur. A lovely foodie deli with lots of gorgeous Brooklyn hand made food, drink and gifty things.

Bedford Cheese Shop. Think you know about cheese? This place is filled to bursting with the stuff. Best things are the amusing descriptions which the team conspire and muse over to see whose are most comedic. The shop also stocks raw goat and sheep cheeses for the health conscious among you.

Wholefoods. There are a lot of Wholefood stores around NYC, I kept seeing raw sauerkraut and carrot and ginger pickles - filled with lacto fermented veg which is good for your gut!

Watch out for installment #2 soon, all about Manhattan!

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Meet the producer: Staal Smokehouse

When you run your own food business, life can be tough. As much as it's many an office worker's dream to start their own food company, it's easy to forget that in practice it can be an all consuming, exhausting and in the case of Justin Staal, smoky affair.

I saw Justin last week at one of the many Christmas fairs that have been going on in Yorkshire of late. He runs the award winning Staal Smokehouse from East Yorkshire with the help of his lovely wife George. Justin is a keen fisherman and has travelled the world, giving him the chance to see how different cultures smoke and cure their meat, game and fish - from hot smoked king salmon in Alaska to cured Ptarmigan in Iceland. Inspired by his travels and a love for good food, he set up Staal Smokehouse.

I've been meaning to do something on their fabulous smoky savouries for ages and here we are, hooray we finally did it! 

This is just the most delicious and easy recipe I've done for a while and it would be perfect to make as a starter for a dinner party. It combines raw beetroot (which we all know is good for us), spices, satsumas and Justin's award winning Oak Smoked Salmon. His salmon is brined then cold smoked to give a lovely smoky flavour, then the temperature is raised in the kiln so the fish is cooked through in a hot, heady smoke.

Oak roast salmon with spiced beetroot and satsuma
Makes enough for 4 starters
1 pack oak roast salmon (already cured / cooked)
1 large beetroot, raw, peeled and grated
Pinch red chilli flakes
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 and a half satsumas, sliced and skins removed (keep the remaining half for juice)
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice and the peel of one lemon to garnish
Salt and pepper

- This, as Nigella would put it, is more of an assembly job. The only thing you have to do is take a heavy bottomed pan and toast the coriander seeds until they start to pop. Then remove them and bash them with either the end of a rolling pin or a pestle and mortar. They smell delicious.
- Next , mix the beetroot, lemon juice, satsuma juice, chilli flakes and most of the ground coriander seeds and season with salt and pepper.
- Assemble the beetroot, add the sliced satsumas on the side and crumble some of the flakes of salmon on the top. To decorate add a few pieces of lemon peel on the top and sprinkle the remaining ground coriander around the plate.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

How to make chicken bone broth

Chicken soup’s for the soul, but did you know it can heal your gut too? If you’re looking to heal your body from the inside out, chicken bone broth is a must know recipe. 

Bone broth contains collagen, gelatin and lots of minerals that your body and your gut need to renew themselves. As Hippocrates said, ‘all disease begins in the gut’ so if yours isn’t functioning well, get on to bone broth (and get checked by your doc too). 

How do I love it? Let me count the ways: Once you make it you can freeze it or store it in the fridge so it’s on hand for soups, stews, risottos or just as a warming cup of broth. When you get thirsty it’s an amazing tonic just warmed up on its own. You’ll find it refreshing and re-mineralising, especially when you’ve been exercising.

Apparently it’s also best to drink it between meals and last thing at night for ultimate healing time. You can make it with most animal bones - beef knuckle is good, I’m loving the thought of marrow and oxtail too. Yet chicken is the easiest place to start...

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Coconut and Chia Bircher

A friend asked me how she could start her day healthily but wanted something quick instead of her usual toast and jam. I said bring on the bircher!

The whole concept is that you put it together the night before so the coconut milk has time to soak into the oats, seeds and nuts, making for a thirst quenching and delicious start to the day. The hardest thing you have to do in the morning is open the fridge door and there it is, sitting pretty. It's all the better too for letting the flavours develop overnight. Soaking the oats and nuts also deactivates phytic acid, which can stop you taking in nutrients.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Lemon and Ginger Britain Biscuits

I just couldn't resist this Britain cookie cutter. Usually when you try intricate patterns with a biscuit they go really wrong. This is either because they rise too much and you can't make out what the shape was supposed to be in the first place, or they break, which these did. The lemon and ginger combination here is incredibly good and the two are definitely better together.

Monday, 25 August 2014


The panic that sets in when you go gluten free should never be underestimated. In a society where most of our convenience and comfort foods are based upon gluten grains, you find yourself craving everything you ever ate with wheat in it, from Yorkshire puddings and oven hot crispy croissants to just cooked crepes.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Whenever I crave a reminder of student life on la Cote d'Azur, I make Pissaladière. The bakeries in Nice serve it as a snack in huge delicious square slabs presented simply on baking parchment.  Across the border in San Remo, Italy, you'll find they add mozzarella, but not so en France. They love it just as it is and rightly so.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Chocolate and hazelnut black bean brownies

These chocolate hazelnut black bean brownies are ridiculously off the scale good. There's no way you can even tell they are vegan, gluten free, let alone full of beans!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Beetroot, coconut and lime soup

The English vegetable patch at this time of year makes for rich beetroot pickings, which is apt because this earthy, spicy soup delivers big flavours in spades.

What it's really like to do a detox

Two weeks before I’m due to step on a plane to do a six day detox, I receive an email. It’s from Jane, the yoga retreat’s hostess.

The note lists the food and drink I must cut out in order to prepare my body for the juice fast that I’ve signed up to. ‘Please omit caffeine, sugar, all processed food, meat, cow’s products, gluten and alcohol. We look forward to meeting you.’

Now if you’d shown me this a year earlier I would have winced. My sugar, dairy and gluten fuelled body could never go without her beloved chocolate, cheese, croissants and coffee. Never!

Or could it?

Friday, 25 July 2014

Turmeric omelette and things I like this week

Egg is one of those ingredients that is on my list of intolerances (dammit). However I find that as long as I don’t overdo the oeufs, occasionally I can tolerate them. A recipe that shows them right off in their freshest state is just the ticket, just like this turmeric omelette.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

My world top ten healthy blogs

 Green Kitchen Stories Baked Saffron Falafel
Green Kitchen Stories Saffron Baked Falafel
I thought it would be good to share some of the most useful blogs and posts I’ve found that are helping me to restore my health. Some of these cover food, while some are brilliant for learning the how’s and why’s of getting sick. They’ve certainly opened up a whole new world of learning for me, I hope you enjoy them too.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

3 reasons why I'm changing the blog name

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I've been mulling over this for what seems like an age.

What I've learnt about restoring health with amazing food is no longer about being 'fussy'. So the time has come to create somewhere that I can share all that goodness with you. There have been oodles of fabulous suggestions on what to rename the blog. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made them. You are a creative (if a little crazy) bunch. In the end though, one kept shining through above all others...

What do you think?! I love it and hope you do too. As far as the name goes, here are my three great reasons why The Restored Kitchen has won through:

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mum's Summer berry masterclass

We get the sweetest selection of plump summer berries at this time of year. I love to raid mum's garden (and jam cupboard) for black and red currants, strawberries and ruby red raspberries.
As a post war child (who looks impressively young for her years due to genes and yoga), mum also has an uncanny ability to preserve whatever excess fruit there might be.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

How to make zucchini pasta

If you tend to feel sluggish after your spaghetti, this zucchini 'pasta' dish will leave you with boundless energy from all its phytonutrient-rich greens.

As with any pasta, you've got to cook the veg just right (al dente is best) and serve it with a sumptuous sauce or you may as well stay at home; The pesto sauce is the key here to sending your taste buds into orbit. I also dressed this with some freshly steamed asparagus spears and extra pine nuts and sesame seeds to add some crunch as well as healthy fats.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Asparagus season and frittata

There’s an asparagus farm near us that has the freshest asparagus you could wish for. We go through legions of spears within the precious few weeks of the season.

Frittata is equally good hot or cold, so your gluten free picnics will never be the same again. It's also a brilliant vessel for any fresh summer greens (think peas, courgettes and herbs). My recipe uses mint, basil and thyme and it won’t last long. Enjoy!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

English summertime, the longest day

I've been busy taking shots around the farm and in the country to show you just how much I love England in the Summer.

It's light pretty much all day at the moment so I'm waking up early, which leaves plenty of time to capture and enjoy the fresh morning colours in the wood. Happy summertime!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Crispy sesame and ginger tofu

This is the perfect meal to cook up in a hurry when you get home from work. It's quick, easy to make, deliciously tasty and healthy too.

The tofu, ginger and green veggies are much easier for your body to digest than a meat dish, so you should even find you sleep better after it too. Sesame seeds are full of magnesium which is also good for beating stress and tension.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Happy carrot salad

Mood food, that's what this is. You know those recipes that give you a giggle just thinking about their name? Bubble & Squeak, Spotted Dick, Toad in the Hole...
It's a big claim I know, but somehow this simple little salad - with its sticky sesame, crunchy carrot and squidgy sultana and spicy surprise - scores every time.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Super green smoothie

If like me you've been wondering what all this juicing talk is all about anyway, let me let you into a secret: It's a game changer.
If you've been feeling sluggish in a morning, veggie juice is a great way to ease your body into the day ahead. Filled with phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it's the perfect way to eat your veg quicker than you can say five a day.
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